Cardinal O’Connor & the Sisters of Life

A look at Cardinal O’Connor and the founding of the Sisters of Life.


Simple Boldness

Is there such a thing as asking too much of God? Sr. Hope SV explores the idea of boldy asking for what you need from God!


The Kingdom of Heaven is Near

Heaven can be summed up in one word: Presence. Sr. Caroline Caritas, SV shares her beautiful insight in today’s #AdventMadeSimple



What do we have in common with balloons? Our purpose is actualized when we are filled! Sr. Desirae Purissima, SV shares her insight about humility in today’s #AdventMadeSimple video.


A Simple Guide to Repentance

Repentance is so much more than feeling sorry for our sins. Sr. Ann Immaculee, SV reveals the origins of the word, and gives some helpful advice.


Living Simply

Want to live a simpler life? Sr. Cora Caeli, SV draws from John the Baptist’s example to give us 3 easy easy ways to live more simply! #AdventMadeSimple


Preparing the way for Love

During Advent we prepare the way for God to come, and God is love. So how do we prepare for love? Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei SV explains in today’s #AdventMadeSimple


God Does the Impossible

Do we believe that God can do the impossible? What if we started living like we believed it?
Sister Veritas of the Sisters of Life challenges us in today’s #AdventMadeSimple video.


The Love of My Mother: A Reflection on Our Lady of Guadalupe

Sr. Talitha Guadalupe shares a spiritual reflection on Our Lady of Guadalupe with the GIVEN Forum Blog. The Love of My Mother

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