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“The Sisters can give Christ because they have Christ. They have Christ because they love Christ, because they are consecrated to Christ and Christ is consecrated to them.”

John Cardinal O’ConnorFounder of the Sisters of Life
Vocational Information

The Journey

The God who created the universe and called everything into existence, loved you into being.

He knows you. He has a beautiful plan for your life, stretching into eternity, and wants to reveal His plan to you in a journey of receiving your vocation. You may feel like you don’t know where to begin, or wonder if you missed something or even compromised your vocation at this point.

Be not afraid!

This journey is such a precious time of discovery, making demands worthy of our love and drawing us more and more into the intimacy we desire and are made for. It can be frustrating and confusing, surprising and new, but always beautiful because you are never alone! Here are some resources that may guide and support your journey of prayer and discernment.

Called to Love

What is a vocation?

Vocation means “call.” Our vocation gives shape to how our hearts were created to love and be loved. It is a gift and an invitation to be received, and God initiates this call in the heart. We cannot earn or create it. He speaks it into the depths of our heart, and we respond in freedom and generosity, trusting in the graces of peace and joy.

Who can accompany me on the journey of discernment?

The lives of the saints display the many paths to holiness. We see men and women who have discerned and followed God’s plan for their life and love. Let the Blessed Mother’s trusting “yes” give you courage.

A unique gift of discerning religious life is that we are not meant to discern alone. Being accompanied by a spiritual director can help us grow in prayer and hearing how God speaks to our hearts. Speaking with a Vocation Director helps us discern a call to a particular community.

How do I prepare for my vocation?

Living one’s life now is an anticipation and preparation for your definitive vocation. Strive to be the best daughter, the best sister, the best friend/student/co-worker, etc.

How can I grow in freedom?

Be not afraid!

This journey is such a precious time of discovery, making demands worthy of me and drawing me more and more into the intimacy I desire and need. It can be frustrating and confusing, surprising and new, but always beautiful because you are never alone!

Here are some helpful tools as you begin.

By drawing closer to Jesus, living a virtuous life, and making generous sacrifices of my time and very self to God and others, I make strides in freedom and openness of heart to hear and respond.

Helpful videos to watch:

Beginning to Ask the Questions

Have you asked the Lord in prayer what He desires for you?

Lord, how am I called to love? If you sense the possibility of religious life, you may ask: What is this life like? How can I know if I’m being called to this? Finding a trusted spiritual director or confessor can help you to recognize the Lord in these movements of your heart.
There are many forms of the consecrated life, and religious life is distinct.

If you feel drawn to religious life, know that each community has a unique charism- a gift of the Spirit imparted on a founder/foundress to meet a particular need of the Church and the world. The apostolate, or work of the community, is the form in which the charism is expressed. As you seek to know the will of God, ask the Lord to reveal your heart to you – your passions and deepest desires.

Listening to the stories and witness of those who have also asked the question can be a consolation and help.

Going Deeper

In Prayer

The Lord meets us where we are.

He wants to hear our hopes, fears, desires and struggles. It is through these realities that He is able to lead our hearts.

Here are some practicals for going deeper in prayer:


Setting time aside daily for silent prayer

Creating spaces for silence and welcome, even when you’re not “praying”- to be open to the voice of Jesus (i.e. limiting distractions; going unplugged during your run or commute)

Receiving the graces of Confession more frequently

Spending time in Adoration

Reading the scriptures, beginning with the Gospels

Making time for daily Mass when possible

As Sisters of Life, we have found that those women ready to discern with us:

    • Are spending time with the Lord in prayer.

    • Are not currently in a dating relationship.

    • Are in good health (physical, mental, emotional).

    • Have been vibrantly practicing the Catholic faith for 2-3 years.
      For recent converts, we require a waiting period of 3 years after entering the Catholic Church before beginning the process of discernment, to deeply live the graces of the sacramental life.

    • Have experienced living in freedom from struggles such as drug use, alcohol abuse, and sexual struggles for 2-3 years.

    • Are at least 18 years of age.

We welcome you to fill out the form below and look forward to being in touch!


Come & See Retreats

For more information, please fill out the Vocational Inquiry Form and indicate interest in the Come & See Retreat, and we will be in touch with you.

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