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Sr. Antoniana joined Rachel Wong on the Feminine Genius Podcast to speak about “A Vocation Dedicated to Defending Life.”

“It was like this fire in my heart, I really want to do everything I can to support these women who feel like they have no other choice.” Initially, Sr. Antoniana Maria thought that she would have to choose between her desire to support women and protect the unborn and her desire to give her life to Christ as a religious sister. But through a careful discernment of God’s voice and embracing His love for her, Sr. Antoniana Maria saw God fuse both of these calls into one super call. Sr. Antoniana Maria is a Sister of Life, and currently serves as the Local Superior for the convent and mission in Toronto. In our conversation, we talk about the ways that God called Sr. Antoniana Maria to serve, what her mission is like as a Sister of Life, and how she sees God’s love and mercy work through her own ministry and outreach.
Here are the show notes for this week’s episode:…nding-life
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