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God chose to create you.

From all of eternity, God desired that you beHe wanted to make you in His own image and likeness, a unique and unrepeatable reflection of His eternal glory.  There is nobody like you, and there has never been nor ever will be anyone like you. He knows everything about you – your likes and dislikes, your favorite food, your secret hope and dreams, your sorrows and joys, the way you look and how you feel … and He loves you. In fact, He delights in you.

God loves you for you.

Your worth doesn’t come from what you can do, or how much money you make, or who your friends are. He loves you for you. You know what He said when he made you? “You are very good.” (cf. Gen1:31) Your worth comes from the fact that you are created and loved infinitely by God because you are you and because He is Love. Your life has meaning and purpose, and you have a unique mission in life, one that no one else can do. 

We are made for infinite communion with God and each other in heaven.  We cannot treat ourselves cheaply.  The fact that we exist means that we are loved.

You are made for love, not use.

Society tells us that our worth is measured by what we can do, produce, and achieve.

But the human person is made for love, not use. If we stake our lives on what the world considers important, we end up being wounded by our own and others’ decisions. This can lead us to think we don’t matter…which too often leads to fear, confusion, pain, isolation, addiction, and even death.

That's why we exist.

We exist to invite you to regain sight of yourself as a gift, the victory of love being won in your life, and the fact that Jesus can grow new life out of places of death.

We invite you to regain sight of the remarkable truth and beauty of every human person, made in the image and likeness of God.

We invite you to hope again and to experience your worth. God has a plan for your life, your love, and your flourishing. You are not alone.

God invites you: Come. Re-encounter your own goodness. Look deeper. Do not be afraid!

“This is the charism of the Sisters of Life: to mother the mothers of the unborn; to mother the unborn; to mother all those who are frail, all of those who are vulnerable, all those who are ill, all of those who are in danger of being put to death, all those whose lives the world considers useless. Our Lord says to each Sister of Life, 'Woman, behold your son. Behold your daughter.'”

John Cardinal O’Connor