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Sometimes, you just need to talk it out.
Sometimes, you just need a Sister.

At a college in Colorado, at North Dakota State University, University of Southern California, or Arizona State University at Tempe?

Connect with us for spiritual accompaniment. We’re here for you.

Colorado, NDSU, & USC: 720-722-3485
ASU Tempe: 480-389-5650



How it Works

We make monthly visits to different campuses in Northern Colorado to accompany students in discovering their beauty, value, and uniqueness. We want you to know, deep down, that your life is a gift, full of meaning and purpose. We are here to walk with you as you come to discover your inner greatness and the gifts that you are destined to share with the world.


Call us or book a meeting online.

We can pick a nice spot to meet on campus (i.e. cafe, student lounge, coffee shop, etc.)

Feel free to share anything that you want to talk about (school, relationships, prayer, stress, worry, etc.)

We’re here to listen, to help you talk things out, to pray with you, and to walk with you in living life to the full.

When We're In Town (Fall Dates 2023)

Colorado (more dates coming)

Colorado State University · December 5

University of Colorado, Boulder · November 14

University of Northern Colorado ·October 14

Auraria Campus · November 9

Phoenix, AZ

Arizona State University at Tempe

September 5th-7th
October 3rd-5th
November 7th-9th
November 28th- 30th
January 9th-11th
February 6th-8th
March 12th-14th
April 9th-11th


University of Southern California · October 11-14


If you are a college student in Colorado, or at NDSU or USC, call us at 720-722-3485 or fill out the form below. If you are a student at ASU Tempe, call us at 480-389-5650 or fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch!
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