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Making ourselves available to hear Him speak words of consolation and peace

We all know that the world is noisy! And sometimes the thoughts, worries, plans, or to-do lists in our own minds and hearts can be even louder. But making time for silence in our day-to-day life is possible and can bring immense reward. Silence in my day? When? Here is the testimony of one of our friends who is making heroic strides toward living silence in the midst of her often chaotic daily life.


AMY, student at Colorado State University

My media fast

I decided to do a social media fast because I began to notice how reliant I had become on the security and disguise social media provided me. From the time I woke up, it had become a habit to turn to my phone and see what I missed on the Internet for previous eight hours, and to turn towards my phone to “look busy” in public. … In addition, I realized that I was starting and ending my day by subconsciously comparing my life to hundreds of others, and it’s something I desired would no longer consume my thoughts.

I really believe it has been a cleanse for my mind; it has created a greater sense of who I am in the eyes of the Father, rather than in the eyes of the world. By calibrating myself in my identity as a daughter of God, it has freed up time and mental clutter and has resulted in a deeper sense of peace and fruitfulness of prayer.

After realizing what social media was doing to me, I knew I couldn’t go back into my old habits. … [The fast] has absolutely been fruitful.

Originally printed in IMPRINT Magazine Winter 2019.