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Making ourselves available to hear Him speak words of consolation and peace

We all know that the world is noisy! And sometimes the thoughts, worries, plans, or to-do lists in our own minds and hearts can be even louder. But making time for silence in our day-to-day life is possible and can bring immense reward. Silence in my day? When? Here is the testimony of one of our friends who is making heroic strides toward living silence in the midst of her often chaotic daily life.


PAM, mother of four

Praying with my children

I have four children under the age of thirteen, and we’ve been homeschooling for three and a half years now. Life is so busy and loud most days that I can easily lose sight of Him. But what is my life about if I don’t set aside time to be alone with Him in silence?

I’ve learned to rise earlier than the children, and also to carve out a few minutes before bed in order to spend time in prayer and get that silence which I so deeply crave. During the day, I’ve found it’s best for me to pray with my children … the Angelus, the Rosary, the Stations, the Scriptures. I really hope it is sending a message to them about how important prayer is.

Of course, it’s a journey — lots of ups and downs. But I won’t give it up. It’s the only way I can keep my wits about me in this tremendous adventure of parenting and homeschooling and loving my husband and doing my duties. Ultimately, I believe there is a depth to life that can only be known when one walks in close connection with Jesus. I want to be in complete step with Him. This is prayer for me.

Originally printed in IMPRINT Magazine Winter 2019.