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Making ourselves available to hear Him speak words of consolation and peace

We all know that the world is noisy! And sometimes the thoughts, worries, plans, or to-do lists in our own minds and hearts can be even louder. But making time for silence in our day-to-day life is possible and can bring immense reward. Silence in my day? When? Here is the testimony of one of our friends who is making heroic strides toward living silence in the midst of his often chaotic daily life.


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Adoration with Him

Although my first silent retreat was initially uncomfortable, it has fueled a hunger in me for more silence. Once I got used to it, I found more time to think and more time to reflect. I “heard” things in Scripture that I had previously missed.

Since that retreat, I have been able to make time for silence in my day-to-day life. I’m blessed by living only a 15-minute walk to an adoration chapel. (If I miss adoration for too long a stretch, my wife notices and suggests I pay Him a visit.) I’ll also sometimes get up early for a long walk before most of the neighborhood is up. I’ve also found the importance of limiting my electronic distractions throughout the day. (I sometimes like to rephrase Genesis 1:28, to remind myself that I am to have dominion over the electronics in my life, not the other way around.)

These practices have made such a profound difference for me. I have discovered something that brings peace, that most others have missed. There is often dryness in these prayers for me, but I persist as He was kind enough to find me when I was lost. I know prayer in silence makes a difference.

Originally printed in IMPRINT Magazine Winter 2019.