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TREY’S STORY by Sr. Maris Stella: One afternoon, when I went to lunch in the cafeteria on campus with a group of students, I ran into Trey who I recognized from the catholic center. I sat down at his table for a moment and I asked him how his Christmas break was and he shared his story.

During my junior year, I was tired and bored with college and looking for adventure. On a whim, my friend Connor and I booked plane tickets to Europe. Part of the goal was to experience the world, but I was asking questions and searching for meaning; I was looking for something. We flew to London, spent New Year’s Eve in Dublin, and went to Barcelona, Prague, and Rome. We met great people and saw beautiful things, but I remember a week into the trip thinking, ‘What am I missing?’ I was restless, something wasn’t clicking. We finished our trip in Rome. When we got to St. Peter’s Basilica I was overwhelmed by the beauty. I went to the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, and seeing the Lord, I was amazed.

I remember sitting down and thinking, “No way…, this, this is what I have been searching for, who I have been looking for.” It made me think about all my desires. I realized at that moment that only God can fulfill every one of my thirsts. I experienced the love that can be found nowhere else. After thousands of miles of travel I found Jesus Christ, He is the fulfillment of my longing. I felt like He said to me, “I am here all the time, in all of your life. It’s the exact same Me that is in the business and craziness of your normal life too.” I don’t need to travel all over the world to find Him. He is here! 

What was the best part of my trip? That moment more than anything. I realized that Jesus was what I was longing for.

Originally printed in IMPRINT Magazine Winter 2016.