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To think of angels might bring to mind chubby cherubs that decorate Christmas cards, all vying with one another to get closest to the sleeping Infant or play Him their best violin solo.

But these mighty creatures are likely far from such depictions. So awesome is their appearance, that when angels appear in Scripture, their first words are usually “Do not be afraid!” Angels are immortal spirits, without bodies, and with perfect intellect. All of the angels had a choice of whether to obey God or rebel. One angel, Lucifer, overcome by pride, responded, “I will not serve.” He fell from heaven, taking a third of the angels (now demons) with him, and St. Michael and the good angels cast them all into hell. (cf. Rev 12:7-9)

Fun Facts:

  1. “The angels surround Christ their Lord. They serve Him especially in the accomplishment of His saving mission to men” (Catechism of the Catholic Church [CCC], #351).
  2. Every person has a guardian angel whose goal is to help the person get to heaven. (cf. CCC, #336) Guardian angels are not recycled.
  3. Angel is the name of their office, or what they do. They are spirit by nature. (cf. CCC, #329)


Book: Angels and Demons: What Do We Really Know about Them? by Dr. Peter J. Kreeft

Audio: “Angels Explained” by Dr. Mark Miravalle

Originally printed in IMPRINT Magazine Fall 2020.