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Towed to Redemption

The car was gone. Sr. Veritas looked out at the street with a churning stomach. It was all her fault. After getting a ride to the tow pound, she stood somberly in line, handed the money to the lady at the window, and let herself be escorted through the drab hallways into the enormous tow pound yard, where rows of cars sat in the gloom. The whole thing was a glum affair. At least the woman who was driving her to her car was kind. “What sort of work do you do?” the woman asked. Sister told her. The woman grew silent when she heard about our Hope and Healing mission to women who have suffered after abortion. Finally, she said softly, “I helped my friend get an abortion.” Sister listened to her story, and then spoke with her about the tender love and mercy of Jesus, who is greater than any sin and deeper than our darkness. Deeply moved, the woman asked for more information. Sr. Veritas gave her a Divine Mercy Holy Card, a few brochures, and an invitation to come on a women’s retreat. After praying together and giving her a big hug, the woman parted with a smile and a wave. Sister, full of joy, drove to the tow pound exit, which streamed with sunlight. As she pulled up to the exit booth, she glanced down at her ticket. Stamped in bright red block letters, it read: REDEEMED.

Originally printed in IMPRINT Magazine Fall 2016.