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Hope and Healing after abortion

Reflections from women who have experienced healing after abortion through our Hope & Healing Mission.

“I found hope the day I was able to give all my broken pieces to the Lord – all the shame I had been holding onto for so many years. He replaced all those fears, doubts, and sins with His merciful love. I found hope though my children in heaven, who didn’t want me to live in fear or to suffer anymore. I found Life in the Lord Jesus…He was with me all along.” – Patricia

“Every time I read the promises of God in the Bible, I find hope. And once I made my first-ever confession at age 55, I was set free and healed, peacefully. Hope is very liberating.” – Maria

“Hope is the assurance that He will use all for good – our pain, our suffering, our darkness, our mistakes, our fear and anxiety. In difficult times, I imagine clinging to Him with all my strength. It has helped me to take my crucifix off the wall and hold onto it during my prayer time. He wants only good things for me and for those I love.” – Xaverie

Originally printed in IMPRINT Magazine Winter 2018.