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“Man is a relational being. And if his first, fundamental relationship is disturbed — his relationship with God — then nothing else can be truly in order. This is where the priority lies in Jesus’ message and ministry: before all else, He wants to point man toward the essence of his malady, and to show him — if you are not healed there, then however many good things you may find, you are not truly healed.” -Pope Benedict XVI

We all need healing from something. We may find ourselves in need of healing from illness or injury; from addiction; from emotional wounds, such as rejection, abandonment, or shame. We may be hurting from broken relationships and accompanying fear, or an inability to trust others; from distorted views of ourselves or others; from the effects of our own sin or the sins of others. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, suffering is part of the reality we face. But we know it is not the end. We rebel against pain; we desire healing because we know in our hearts that we were not made for suffering. And here is the good news: Jesus has revealed Himself to be our Healer. He, the Divine Physician, knows the intricacies of our hearts and where we are in need of restoration! The remedy He provides is so delicately and tenderly attuned to each of our histories, wounds, circumstances, and our faith. Remember Jesus healing in the Gospels: some people He heals immediately, without their even asking (like Peter’s mother-inlaw); some, He heals in stages (like the blind man who at first saw “people like trees walking” [Mk 8:24] before he gained his full sight). For others, He heals with a simple word from a distance (like the royal official’s son). Sometimes Jesus spends all BEHOLD day and night healing everyone who comes to Him; at other times, He says He must move on, because He has to preach the Gospel in other towns. Ultimately, Jesus comes to heal every one of us, but perhaps not in the way that we expect. This life is passing away, and all suffering will eventually cease. So His greatest concern is for our salvation. He desires to heal us from our deepest wound: our sin. So even if we don’t experience physical healing now, we know with certainty that Jesus is working to bring about healing in our souls, by constantly calling us to return to Him with repentance and offering us His forgiveness. This is the healing that leads to eternal life. No matter where or how we may be wounded, the unshakeable truth is that our life is good. Each one of us was created by Love, in Love, for Love, and this can never be damaged, lost, or taken away. We find healing in this truth, in the total security of God’s love for us. And as we believe it more and more in this life, we come closer to what we will perfectly know and receive in heaven: where “[God] will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there shall be no more death or mourning, wailing or pain … The one who sat on the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new’” (Rev 21:4-5).

By Sr. Lucia Christi, SV. Originally published in IMPRINT, Winter 2020