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by Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, SV

When we have been treated less than our dignity demands, it can feel like something’s been taken from us – like there is a debt now owed to us. Over the years, I found that, even though I would forgive someone and bring my heartache to the Lord, something was still left lingering, unresolved. One day, I stumbled across this forgiveness prayer: I release [this person] from his/her debt, and I give that debt to You, Jesus. I ask You to give [this person] a blessing instead.

This prayer powerfully acknowledges that there is a debt and that the person who owes it cannot pay it. I began to pray this prayer whenever I would feel hardness of heart, pain, or bitterness toward someone. It began to shift my heart, letting Jesus free me and fill my emptiness. This prayer becomes especially powerful when the person who needs forgiveness is me: I release my debt into Your hands, Jesus. I ask You to give me a blessing instead. 

Handing over our debts to Jesus, especially in the Sacrament of Confession, releases a newness of soul and fills us with joy! 

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