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In every situation in life — even in difficulties, tragedies, and sorrows — you have a choice. You can let the circumstances define you, or you can let God’s love define you. Which way will you choose?

1.PRAISE PRAYER: Showing trust in Him 

This is an easy, powerful prayer of trust that gives Jesus deep joy and helps you (and those you pray for) receive a ton of blessings. 

How to: 

  1. When you wake up, start your day by saying to Jesus: “I praise You, Jesus, for this day. Help me to be aware of all the blessings You will bring me. I thank You and praise You, Jesus, in advance for these blessings.” 
  2. And then, at least 7 times a day, say to Jesus: “I praise You, Jesus, for…” Now, what kind of things can we praise Jesus for? 

Here are some examples: 

“I praise You, Jesus, for a good night’s sleep.”

 “I praise You, Jesus, for the good you will bring out of this financial difficulty I am experiencing.”

 “I praise You, Jesus, for my family.” 

“I praise You, Jesus, for Jane, and for blessing her during her surgery tomorrow.”

Praising Jesus for everything says, “Jesus, I trust and know you will bring a greater good out of this situation than any I could possibly create or imagine. Your plans are more beautiful than mine. You have the big picture. You see all things with an eternal perspective. I trust You and thank you.” Let Jesus work it out. You don’t need to know how He will do it. Watch — He will surprise you! If you think you can’t get beyond a trial, pray these words again and again. He slowly takes over and brings peace. Be patient.

2. UNITY PRAYER: Offering your sufferings to Him

Life is full of bumps, and you can get bruised in big and little ways. But the Good News is that your sufferings can actually become a powerful prayer of intercession. Because of His Cross and Resurrection, Jesus can draw a greater good out of your sufferings than if they hadn’t happened at all.

How to:

Identify: Name your suffering.

Unify: Unite it to Jesus’ sufferings on the Cross.

Offer: Offer it up for a special intention.



Taking 5-10 minutes daily to go over your day with Jesus can actually transforms your understanding of reality

and open your heart to His G-R-A-C-E.

How to:

G: Gratitude: To begin, place yourself in the presence of God, and thank Him for the blessings of your day.

R: Request for Light: Ask His Holy Spirit to come upon you and give you light, so you can see your day through His eyes.

A: Actions and Attitudes: Imagine that you are watching the movie of your day with Jesus. Where was

Jesus in your day? What were the joys and victories? When did you feel discouraged or down? What did you

wish you would have done? Is there anything you need to say you are sorry for? How did you receive the blessings of this day?

C: Chart Your Course: Make a concrete but simple plan with Jesus for your day tomorrow. Where can you let in God’s love more deeply? How can you let Jesus live in your actions/attitudes?

E: Entrust: At the end of your prayer, entrust yourself and all the events and people of your day to Jesus’

wounded and glorified Heart. Say, “Jesus, I entrust it all to You. You know the needs and desires of my heart. I know You will help me. I trust You.”


Originally printed in IMPRINT Magazine Winter 2017